The promo season to save on Hill Climb Racing 2 with Amazon Coins

The Fingersoft Ltd latest updated the new Hill Climb Racing 2 at November 2, 2017. Have you known the original Hill Climb Racing yet? It is a great game indeed. Whereas the aftermath of game racing comes Hill Climb Racing 2 (now new in version 1.9.0) is bigger (83.5MB), better and much funnier! It’s for Bill! And Bill’s back brings us with the best car game ever. Click to Amazon promo on Hill Climb Racing 2, get the savings up to 25% with Amazon Coins >>>

The promo season to save on Hill Climb Racing 2 with Amazon Coins

But when the promo reason comes, how to save on Hill Climb Racing 2 with Amazon Coins?

At first we need to know Amazon Coins. Amazon Coins can use to purchased apps and games or make in-app purchases from Amazon. You can buy Amazon Coins with real money. As long as you can access your Amazon account, you can buy Amazon Coins anywhere. Purchasing Amazon Coins in bulk can get big discount up to 25% off. For example 5,000 Coins cost $42; 50,000 Coins now cost $400. You can also get promotional Coins if you make in-app purchases. There are also games that will give you 30% of your Coins back when you buy in-app purchases. This Hill Climb Racing 2 will save up to 25% when you purchase its in-app items with Amazon Coins. Each Amazon Coin you purchased with real money is like Amazon Gift Card, it will never expire, but that’s not the case of promotional Coins earned through purchasing certain. These Coins expire 12 months after you get them.

The Hill Climb Racing 2 is free to download and play but there are optional in-app purchases of many different vehicles, tune-able parts and other facility for unique challenges. You can buy original bicycle, sport bike, tractor, sport car, police car, bus, jeep, scooter, ATV, buggy, tank, and more with Amazon Coins. So the Amazon Coins will get you more and more savings. Race the new unique challenges in many environments of vastly improved new design, enjoy defeating your all opponents and gain the biggest bonuses to reach your ever higher positions. The Hill Climb Racing 2 is such a perfect, and ticket on the big savings with Amazon Coins.

If you want to use your Amazon Coins to purchase the new apps and games like the Hill Climb Racing 2, below are the details for what you need to do.

For online transactions, visit and input Amazon Coins in the search box. You’ll see Amazon Coins in the top spot. Click it and pick the denomination choice you want. You can also give Coins away as a gift. Check the box with the “Give Amazon Coins as a Gift” and provide the receiver’s email address and name and when the recipient should get the Coins. Click to get the great deal up to 30% back in Amazon Coins at >>>


Using Fire Tablets

If you’re using a Fire Tablet, just tap “Apps” on the home screen and tap “Store.” Purchasing a Fire Tablet will give you 500 promotional Coins. Tap the 3 horizontal lines you see on the upper left part of the device to view the menu, then tap Amazon Coins. Tap the “Buy More Coins” icon under Shop. Choose the denomination choice you want then tap “Buy.” The Coins will add to your account. Tap the paid game or app that you want to buy.

A yellow button will appear in the upper right-hand side of your tablet. The button will show the price in Amazon Coins and real currency. Tap this button and you’ll see a second menu that allows you to choose from dollars or Amazon Coins. Tap the “Get App” button after choosing Amazon Coins and it will download to your device. If you want to check your balance, visit the detail page for a game or app. Your balance can be found to the left to the Buy icon, below the star rating.

Using other Android Devices

In case you are using an Android device, you will follow similar steps but you need to use Amazon Underground to buy apps and games. Open the Amazon Underground app, then input Amazon Coins in the search box. Choose Amazon Coins and pick your preferred denomination choice then tap “Buy.” Choose the app or game you want to buy in Amazon Underground. A yellow Buy App button will appear in the upper right-hand side of the device. The button will also display the price in Amazon Coins or real currency if you have Coins on your Amazon account.

When you tap the button, a second menu that lets you choose from dollars or Amazon Coins will appear. Tap the green “Buy Now” icon after choosing Amazon Coins. The app will download to your device. Go to any game or app that can be purchased with Amazon Coins to see your balance on your Android device. The balance can see underneath the app’s price.

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